Charles Jenny
Charles Jenny Studio


Charles Jenny is y young architect fascinated by beautiful furnitures, design products and elegant architecture. He’s a senior student at the Epfl ending his master degree. He has been in Copenhagen for working in an industrial design and architecture office, in which he learnt how to think Scandinavian design. he is particularly interested for innovative concepts and product development. Since 2015, he began working as an independent, focusing his work on designing and producing personalized objects.

Objectif: Enable all city dwellers to cultivate, in their habitat, their own foodstuffs, trough modular infrastructures offering vertical agriculture.
Concerned by the existence of pesticides in fruits and vegetables in traditional agriculture, as well as the cost of organic products, Charles Jenny, master student in architecture at EPFL, offers a technical innovation that associates countryside benefits to urban areas. The project called “Suspended/Hung Gardens” has for sole purpose to provide an opportunity for citizens to grow their food in the confinement of their home, regardless of owning a garden or a balcony.

Pour ce projet, Charles Jenny propose de réinterpréter l’habitat itinérant et développe un nouveau modèle d’architecture nomade modulaire.

Cette architecture est pensée pour s’adapter rapidement à des situations autant individuelles que collectives, tout en se déclinant dans des contextes variables. Ce nouveau modèle d’architecture nomadese fonde sur des techniques d’assemblage qui sont propres à l’auteur.

Starting from a collaboration with the studio 12m2, the video below presents a thinking method and the working techniques that I used in the project “Be-a-ba” .